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Scavenger Hunt 
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Want to Win an iPod touch? Keep Reading! 


Participate in the Money Matters Online Scavenger Hunt and become eligible to win a new iPod Touch! Club members ages 13-18 are welcome to participate. All you have to do is answer the five questions below correctly to be entered into a drawing. All of the answers can be found within the Money Matters website.


What to Do:

        1)     Print this page or keep this webpage open while searching for the answers to the questions below.

2)     Open the Money Matters website ( in a new browser window or tab.

3)     Find the correct answers to all five questions below. Try to use the exact terminology or phrases found on the site.

4)     Email your responses to no later than 11:59 p.m. on May 31, 2013. To avoid being disqualified, be sure to include the following in your email:

·         Your first name, first initial of your last name and age

·         First and last name of your advisor

·         Advisor’s email address and phone number

·         Name of your Club

·         Name of your organization

Be sure to ask your advisor for your correct Club and organization information, and their contact information.

5)    Check this page later to see if you won, and look for new scavenger hunt questions next month!


May Questions:

1.      Projecting __________ involves figuring out what you’re going to charge for your product or service and how many customers you can attract. (See “Business Budgeting ” in Entrepreneurship Section)

2.      Most big college bills — like ________, _________, ________ and _______ — are due when each new term begins.  (See “Managing Your Spending” in Planning For College Section)

3.      The fewer problems there are in your credit report, like payments more than 60 days late or large credit balances, the higher your _______ _______ will be. (See “Credit Reports and Scores” in Credit & Debt Section)

4.      Putting a priority on _______ means you’ll be sure to have money for the really important things in the future — whether that’s a car you need to get to your job, being able to go to college full-time or a trip during summer vacation. (See “Budget for Saving” in Save & Invest Section)

5.    Summer is here and that means extra money! Will you work this summer? Remember, it’s about being able to afford your needs and meet your goals. That’s exactly what a _______ is about. (See “Budgeting Worksheet” in Spending Plan Section)


NOTE: To make it easier to search for the questions, PRINT this page.

 Scavenger Hunt Prize

Win an iPod touch in the Scavenger Hunt!

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